UHRF – the only voice of reason against the sins of “Palais Royale”

The ultimate battle b / w  justice and illegality of development of the 21st century

There are many cases in the high-rise building or skyscraper development and construction process where fire safety norms are not complied with, which may result in disaster for the occupants. One such example is that of a high-rise residential building, Palis Royale in Worli Mumbai where fire safety norms are blunted flouted by developers for commercial gains. Palais Royale is a skyscraper being built at Worli Naka, Lower Parel Mumbai.

With regards to the unauthorized constructions & misuse of Refuge Area in the project Palais Royale, the main issues, challenges & submissions in the Public Interest Litigation No. 43 of 2012, filled by Janhit Manch and others V/s State of Maharashtra & Ors was broadly categorized as:

  • Public Parking Lot (PPL) and Stop Work notices;
  • Main residential building and the commencement certificates;
  • Refuge Area and Fire Fighting arrangements ;
  • Compensation for setback area;
  • Height of habitable floors;
  • Passages at manor level;
  • Service floors;
  • Amenity floors;
  • FSI of Duplex floors;
  • Other issues like servant toilets, structural columns, toilets at the duplex level, flower beds etc.


  • The UHRF has learned from their thorough research that the entire project ‘Palais Royale’ is now mortgaged in favor of Indiabulls Limited for 1335 cr. Then how the individual flats can be again mortgaged other Banks? This is a case of a double mortgage by the Developer SRUIL.   Besides, it is absolutely illegal to mortgage the project with Indiabulls Ltd since the building Palais Royale has been erected using leasehold as well as freehold lands.
  • The project Palais Royale is marred with unethical transactions as some of the flats have been allotted to the Auditors of the developer company as well as to its Architects. How one can expect a fairness in the transaction if such illegal and unethical practices were adopted?
  • As stated earlier above, the right and interest of several flat purchasers who have purchased space in the project are at stake due to the illegalities & irregularities being committed by the developer in connivance with the officials of the municipal corporation and other local civic agencies. Ultimately, it is the flat owners/purchasers who fall prey to such wrong and illegal activities of the developer company.  In the wake of Campa Cola Compound Case also of Mumbai, the Hon’ble Supreme Court had held the construction of buildings at the compound as illegal and ordered demolition of such flats and apartments. The company SRUIL, its officials and MCGM by their aforesaid acts of omission and commissions have left the Flats buyers in a pity state having dark future.

On the basis of UHRF’s comprehensive research and analysis on Palais Royale case with all related documents received from various sources which proof the illegal constructions at Palais Royale, the UHRF, one and only sole body has briefly described all the unauthorized and illegal construction carried out by the developer Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd and its associates and request to take strict action against all the violators and presented it to various government authorities, entities and ministries. With their day and night effort, UHRF is trying to be the light of example which only makes us realize that enough of tolerating the illegal activity it’s time to act on it together as one. After all,

One who commits a crime and who tolerates it, both are criminal and equally guilty!