Palais Royale- To Be Proud Of or To Be Ashamed Of!!!
Who Is The Masked Devil- The
Builders or The Govt. Authority!!!

Palais Royale, a skyscraper in Lower Parel, Mumbai, previously owned by Shree Ram Mills Ltd is supposed to be the first supertall in India. It must overcome many obstacles and hurdles with many disputes in the construction process, methodology, architectural design and execution problems to achieve its goal and vision. The numerous number of illegal construction proof and violation of building construction act in Maharashtra performed throughout the construction process makes the pride of India having its first supertall building into a dilemma, ashamedness and in a deep blank question mark with its intention of construction at the cost of human life.

Continual construction after having proof of committing violation

The under-construction 320-meter height, 88 floored residential skyscraper Palais Royale is having its current price of 60 crore and major flat is 105 crores can be called as the ultimate violator of building construction. Whether or not having an exact number of refuge floors, constructing an illegal parking lot, violation of FSI Norms or getting fined of Rs. 162 crores for the violation, The Palais Royale is the hub of all unethical, illegal, and corrupted methodology in the history of building construction risking millions of lives of common people, environment, surrounding areas, and the reputation of week authority and implementational management system of the Indian building Construction rules and regulation. Though having proofs of a numerous number of violations committed throughout the construction process submitted by different NGOs, reported and covered by different national media, the govt. is remaining blind and deaf while the building construction is continued.
Though as per the report submitted by MumbaiMirror dated on Jul 22, 2016, 03.09 AM IST that after 3 years of stop work, Construction of Palais Royale is to get going by stating that “Once the HC approves BMC’s review report, the builder will be able to apply for fresh clearances. Investments worth hundreds of crores stuck in the building, where a duplex can cost up to Rs. 75 crore”, but on Monday, 06 Feb 2017 Times of India reported that “Palais Royale builder fined Rs. 162cr for violations” which completely make us understand the wrong intention, unethical practice of construction performed by the builders again and again in a repeated manner.

Reported and tabulated issues with the construction methodology of Palais Royale

The report of MumbaiMirror dated on Jul 22, 2016 also included the reason of obstacle with specific reason by denoting that “Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta carried out an inspection of the Worli building being constructed by industrialist SS Kasliwal-led Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd. last week and decided to review its excess refuge area, one of the main reasons why the building had landed in trouble. While as per municipal laws and the National Building Code, a building’s refuge area cannot exceed four percent of its total area, in Palais Royale’s case it was as high at 27 percent. Accordingly, in 2013 the then municipal commissioner Sitaram Kunte issued an order asking Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure to shave 13 floors off Palais Royale”. The report also covered the allegation of illegal construction of Parking Lot by reporting “The building was mired in controversy after a public interest litigation was filed by NGO JanhitManch, alleging the developer had violated FSI norms by constructing 13 extra floors and had built a public parking lot without permission”.

Fluctuation on decision-making by the Govt. and authority

It is still not clear why govt. is still compromising??? Or how come the Palais Royale construction is continuing rather than getting stalled or stopped??? Until or unless solving all the construction problems How the authority is allowing its continual building methodology??? To get all these answers or to know what’s going to take to stop the illegal construction process the complete urge from government, common man, and other institutions are needed.

Light of Hope

After all, If as our respected and beloved PM has said that Constitutions of India is the only book which is followed, respected, honored and prayed by 1.324 billion of people (2016) of our nation then we need to wait and watch what the Authority will do to protect the only followed book of the nation in the process of violation and disrespect toward rules & regulation mentioned in the book committed by the whole construction process of Palais Royale.