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Consumer rights and protection law provides the way to people to fight back against corrupt business practices. Consumer laws are constituted to hold sellers of products and services responsible when they want to make profit by selling the products to consumers without right information or bargaining power. Thought there are several laws addressed to consumer rights but they are unfair. Consumer rights laws are needed t be enforced effectively by government agencies, parliament, attorneys general, and through the people and class action complaints filed by victims.

Key Consumer rights related risks include:

  • Right to find original products as per the government law.
  • Right to return the products in case of any faults.
  • Legality of supply chain/ethical sourcing of raw materials – exploitation of sources to the disadvantage of local communities.
  • Occupational safety of workers and affected communities – poor working conditions and labour standards in regions with little or no regulation.
  • Political and litigious issues resulting from damage claims eg: from individuals or communities affected by land, water or air contamination, through gradual release/leakage or through accident at the company premises or when transporting or storing hazardous products from consumers whose health is adversely affected by product use.

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