The much touted marvel of high rise building a if looked minutely is nothing but bundle of violation of all building and safety guidelines. The builders SRUIL has submitted to authorities that they have created refuse area with every floor. This is a big lie and a fraud is being played out by the builder. The perusal of plan makes it clear that that said a refuse area is nothing but have be created in such manner that same can be easily merged with each flat. In fact the alleged innocent buyers of the said flat has become active collaborators with the Builder in sheer disregard of law and safety. Interestingly courts who are ceased with the matter are not able to understand the game being played out in collusion with builder and buyer. The buyers doesn’t deserve sympathy in the present case. They are fully aware of the violations. The claim that up to 43 floors there is no violation is also a false claim.

In this scenario no leniency is required to shown if we do not want another incident as happened in London be repeated in India. In case of outbreak of fire this building Palais Royale will become inferno and we will be left with charred bodies and follow up investigation.