Fire Safety Audit – A Necessity

Fire can happen at anytime and at anyplace. Highlighting the illegalities and irregularities by various developers or builders. Fire safety audit is an effective tool. Safe is just a word until or unless precaution protection measurement and process are not achieved.

Dreadful Of Its Kind Non-compliance With The Law

The truest cost of a property? The strange and unusual case of Palais Royale, the thirst of the developers to demand a premium price. The fact is that these come by evading law and violation of the law.

Lack Of Strictness And Laxity In Care

There are people there are authorities. Still, Maharashtra topped fire-related deaths. Need of the hour is to bring discipline in the real estate sector. With Palais royale project government and civic bodies should set an example for all the builders.

Unravelling The Extreme

Irregularities and illegalities in the project Palais Royale supposedly the tallest building in India. The observation and research done by uhrf it is out in open. It is high time that the authorities takes up the matter to the outmost priority for the safety of a common man.

In Conversation With The Chairperson United Human Rights Federation

Interview and in conversation with the chairperson of united human rights federation (uhrf) smt. Prabha kiran ji. A talk show anchored by MS. Gurpreet kaur chadha ji (activist & vice – president mumbai regional mahila congress). Emphasis in this talk show is made on the fire safety followed by the builder and developers aligned with the national building code and how gross violation of law by the builder of Palais Royale a skyscraper in mumbai.

Urbanization At What Cost

The video by united human rights federation (uhrf) is more related to the interest of public at large. As an objective of uhrf is to protect the genuine and the commoner living in the houses built by the various builder and developers. Unknowingly or knowingly endangering the lives of flat buyers by not following the national building code and other bye laws. Builders mafia lets fight them together.

Keeping The Eyes Closed And Looking Away

This is about the place where we live the place where we work. Are we aware that some rich some opportunists flouts the rules flouts regulations? …and corrode the system.
The Hon’ble supreme court held that no concession should be shown to the builder or any other person where construction is unauthorized.

Conniving The Refuge Area

The illegal construction whether it is Palais Royale or any Building it should be demolished. In spite of the directions by the MCGM to institute an inquiry in project Palais Royale against the chief fire officer for granting NOC for refuge area why anti-corruption bureau has not registered a fir despite ex-commissioner’s observations?

Must Not Dare To Violate The Law Ever Again

Fire safety! It is something that we put light on only when A fire-related tragedy takes place. Human lives have been constantly at stake. Concoct a situation where a common man is always at the receiving end. Do We follow safety guidelines as issued by the government time to time?

Right To Life Fire Safety



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