The Vision of UNITED HUMAN RIGHTS FEDERATION (UHRF) is the formation of fearless and non-succumbing society on the basis of truthfulness & nonviolence.

This society will allow peaceful existence of all types of naturally challenged persons, schedule caste, schedule tribes, people under poverty line, old-aged, widow and down trodden irrespective of caste, color, creed, sex and religion. This society in its majority will be constituted by the followers of human rights and human rights activists consequently reducing the pool of wrongdoers. A vision of a society of human rights followers.


To be one of the prime organisations of the world fighting for the human rights and catering the needs of human rights activities.

To organize UHRF working process by opening up different cells viz. Human Rights Helpline, Family Discipline, Advisory Centers, Public Justice Legel Aid Centre, Crime Prevention Teams, Information Gain Centres, National and International Committees, Accident Relief Centers, Scheduled Caste Help Centers, Women and Labor Welfare Centres, Medical Legal Relief Centres for helpless, Consumer Forum Centres, Inquiry Committees, Centre for Government’s Project etc.

Create awareness among the people so they can voice their complaints/grievances to UHRF against injustice. These complaints will be verified by UHRF for their validity and human right violations issues and carried forward for justice.

To bring under the banner of human rights, all the like minded people of the world. The organization appeals to the people of the world to join UHRF and contribute some of your time for the cause of human rights.

To continue to form and maintain a society conscious of its human rights.This will be done by activities viz. Legal literacy awareness, medical reliefs, Lok Adalats, Janta Darbar and with the support of National Legal Service Authority, Administration and with the support of many National and international committees, councils, UNO, NALSA, NGOs, social workers, Central and State governments, NRI etc.


“Vasudhav Kutumbakum (The whole world is family)”

All human beings are equal and born free. The only permissible discrimination amongst the people of the world is for geographical identification only, Human Rights are yardsticks against which people measures Governments’ and Public Officials’conduct and through which the global community as a whole ought to measure its progress.

No nation can move along the true democratic way of life without the real democracy. Without true democracy, political democracy cannot lasts unless there lies on the base of it, a social democracy.


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