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The Vision of UNITED HUMAN RIGHTS FEDERATION (UHRF) is the formation of fearless and non-succumbing society on the basis of truthfulness & nonviolence.

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Child Related Issues

Children are the future of any country and they have some fundamental rights according to constitution and law of International Human Rights. But a large number of children in developing nations are facing troubles against education, violence, labour bond, punished..Read more


Empowering Women 

United Human Rights Federation (UHRF) is continuously fighting and catering the need of human rights activities by creating awareness among the people so that they can voice their complaints and grievances against injustice.

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What is Sexual Harassment

What? Sexual harassment has been a pervasive global problem for Women throughout history. Women around..

Environmental Destruction

In recent years the relationship between human rights and environmental issues have become issue of…

Police Atrocities

Though the Constitution of India exhaustively covers the internationally accepted norms on human rights, the…

Urbanization in Modern Urban India

Current Assignment : UHRF is conducting a research on High-Rise Buildings, Multiplexes, Hospitals, Nursing Homes…


All human beings are equal and born free. The only permissible discrimination amongst the people of the world is for geographical identification only, Human Rights are yardsticks against which people measures Governments’ and Public Officials’conduct and through which the global community as a whole ought to measure its progress….

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A 5-year-old lost his life along with 6 others in a factory located at Moti Nagar, West Delhi, in an LPG cylinder explosion. The factory is a double storey building. The fire spread so rapidly that all workers got trapped inside the factory.
Quite shocking and extremely alarming fact is that most of the workplaces in India are not fire safe. The owners absolutely violate fire safety norms and there are no firefighting equipment, no emergency exits at maximum workplaces in India.
For the sake of human safety and to eradicate this major issue of Fire Accidents, ‘a Third Party Audit’ is absolutely necessary. For that reason, United Human Rights Federation initiated a movement in 2014 and since then UHRF has been advocating the concerns related to Fire Safety.
Come forward and join UHRF to make ‘Bharat Fire Safe’ for yourself and all others around you.
Fire Extinguishers Fire Fighting & Safety Equipments Human rights Safe India
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The fire accident occurred at ESIC hospital on 17th of December took 11 lives and caused grave injury to hundreds of people. Furthermore, there are more than 20000 lives have been lost and uncountable injuries have been reported in the year 2018 only due to Fire Accidents.
In view of above, ‘Third Party Audit’ is absolutely necessary for all the buildings. Fire Audit should be carried out while construction of any building is going on. Quite the opposite, audits are procrastinated till any fire accident leads to deaths.
So as in case of Fire Accident reported at ESIC hospital, fire officials were called upon to do an inspection and to list a series of violations. As per the report, fire safety norms were entirely neglected by the hospital and there are uncountable violations have been put on list.
More so stated by the list that there is just single gate for entry & exit, water sprinkler system, fire alarms are dysfunctional. In addition to it, hospitals doors are not fire resistant, no evacuation facilities and inadequate number of fire extinguishers. This is not enough, a doctor shared that she never came across any fire sensitization session in the past six months.
For last many years, United Human Rights Federation has been advocating the concerns related to Fire Safety.
Come forward and join UHRF to make ‘Bharat Fire Safe’ for yourself and your children. Fire Extinguishers Action Fire Services Fire Protection Mumbai, Maharashtra
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